Pasta Making 101

Pasta Making 101

Most pasta factories make either laminated or extruded pastas – we make both, using traditional Italian production methods and state-of-the-art machinery. Unlike conventional mass-produced pasta, our conscientious processing preserves the fresh natural flavor of the wheat.

  • Lamination creates a firm, al dente texture via kneading the dough and feeding it through a series of rollers to make a smooth, flat sheet of pasta which is then cut into long pasta noodles. When cooked, the pasta is surprisingly delicate yet maintains its al dente texture.
  • Extrusion processing forces the dough through a bronze die, giving strength and density to traditional pasta shapes. Bronze dies create a rustica texture on the pasta’s outer surface which holds and absorbs sauce.

For 25 years we have used only the highest grade premium flour ground from the freshest American-grown durum wheat. Classic old-world mixing and drying procedures are meticulously applied to each and every batch, small or large.

  • Low-Temperature Slow Drying – Custom-designed dryers allow us to dry our pasta gradually, at low temperatures over many hours. This preserves protein and micronutrients, and ensures a firm yet tender finished product.
  • Small Batch Mixing – Mixing our dough in small quantities ensures that each detail is carefully attended to by our experienced and conscientious pasta makers. This gives us control over every batch. It also allows us flexibility in reduced minimums for private label orders.
  • Flexibility – With many years of experience making all types of pasta and using many varieties of flour, we are uniquely positioned to work with our customers to create custom pastas and packaging directly suited for individual needs.

Since pioneering artisan flavored pasta 25 years ago, we are proud that our company continues to be recognized today as one of the premium custom pasta makers and innovators in the U.S.

  • People – Our pasta makers have decades of experience and a passion for their craft. People make our pasta and run our machines, machines don’t run our people.
  • Versatility – We can produce perfect pasta in small runs or large volumes, always using hand crafted, artisanal methods.
  • Packaging – We offer a wide range of packaging capabilities:
    • Sealed cello bags with labels or printed film
    • Riveted header cards on cello bags
    • Custom boxes
    • Label design and graphics assistance

Weather Counts! Our factory is located in the heart of Sonoma County’s renowned Wine Country with its ideal climate, fresh clean air and just the right amount of sea breezes from the Pacific. Perfect pasta every time.



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